Theory and result strong and unparalleled ultrasonic cleaning.Precision process molding, the best way of quality control, ultrasonic cleaning and deburring.

Vacuum Pre-processing Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System MARS-DB
真空前処理型超音波バリ取り洗浄装置 MARS-DB

Extreme Version of Precision Deburring!
Vacuum Pre-processing Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning
For Deburring of Complicated Shape Burrs that deaeration is difficult, and For Deburring of Blind Holes!

Vacuum Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System with Cavitation Enhancement System Attached MARS-DB


The cavitation enhancement system is attached. It is the vacuum pre-processing type ultrasonic cleaning system, which vacuum evacuates the cleaning tank to remove all the air attached to the objective material and then executes cleaning.

 Precision cleaning system for objective materials that cannot easily remove air by immersing into liquid, such as small blind hole, etc.

Circulation filtering system and vacuum deaeration system are integrated.

Cavities are cluster types. Strong ultrasonic cleaning is possible. According to the selected frequency, selection is possible from very strong ultrasonic cleaning to fine and precise ultrasonic cleaning.

超音波バリ取り洗浄装置 MARS-DB

Tour for Actual Operation of Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System

By the courtesy of one of our customers, the tour to see the actual using status of Vacuum [Pre-processing] Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System MARS-DB-3600 became possible. Basically, no customer is disclosing the ultrasonic deburring after the delivery. However, many prospective customers are willing to see the actually-operating status of the system. Therefore, by asking certain customers, this tour became available.

However, please note that companies in a same business cannot joint the tour. Upon reception of the request for the tour, Blue Star R&D will send the information of the company name, business category, number of visitors, and desired date and time to the company accepting this tour, and obtain an acceptance. Then, our staff in the Sales Department will guide the tour.
The location will be about five minutes away from Numazu IC by a car, near Numazu National College of Technology. Please contact us if you are interested in this tour.

Basic Specification

Property of taint Burr after cutting, pressing, and forming (metals, plastics, and composite materials)
Ultrasonic frequency 25KHz~535KHz General deburring Objective for general cleaning
50KHz~535KHz For fine and precise cleaning Electronic component and semiconductor
Cleaning liquid Pure water and city water
* Carbon hydride type solution is S-type (improved explosion resistance)


Item MARS-DB-2400 MARS-DB-3600 MARS-DB-4800
Basket form (inner dimension) Width 400mm 500mm 600mm
Depth 300mm 360mm 400mm
Height *1 75mm 75mm 75mm
System main body System shape Width (main body only) 1200mm 1400mm 1520mm
Width (including filter and SWBOX) 1396mm 1596mm 1716mm
Depth 1400mm 1500mm 1600mm
Height 1355mm 1455mm 1555mm
Signal tower 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm
Operation height 825mm 825mm 825mm
Ultrasonic tank shape Width 540mm 660mm 750mm
Depth 390mm 450mm 510mm
Height 150mm 150mm 150mm
Liquid depth *2 75mm
Storage tank shape Width 540mm 660mm 750mm
Depth 100mm 125mm 150mm
Height 400mm 400mm 400mm
Liquid volume 75ℓ 120ℓ 160ℓ
Weight Liquid empty 350Kg 550Kg 750kg
Liquid full 425Kg 670Kg 910Kg
Ultrasonic Generator SIRIUS-SuperMulti 25~535KHz
1φ200V 2400W
1φ200V 3600W
1φ200V 4800W
Transducer  SIRIUS-SuperMulti 25(50)~535KHz
Attachment device Vacuum pump for the vacuum evacuation of the tank, vacuum pump for deaeration, vacuum deaeration tower, circulation filtering system, heat exchanger (chiller separate installation), Up-down swinging device, others
Power Electricity 3φ200V 7.5KW 3φ200V 11KW 3φ200V 14KW

*1. The basket height can be changed.
*2. Dimensions in (  ) are the height corresponding to 50 to 535 KHz.
* Check the specification in advance. Modifications and development may have been applied.



Ultrasonic system for foundry sand cleaner of vehicle engines MARS-EH-14400

Difference between conventional deburring method and ultrasonic deburring and cleaning technology

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