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General-purpose Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System PERION-DB
汎用超音波バリ取り洗浄装置 PERION-DB

Fine Burrs! The biggest barrier for cost reduction, quality improvement, and stabilization!
Revolution of Deburring for the Solution!
Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning

General-purpose Ultrasonic Deburring System with Cavitation Enhancement System Attached PERION-DB

Manual general-purpose ultrasonic cleaning system with the cavitation enhancement system. Burrs of metals, plastics, composite materials, and other materials can be removed by strong ultrasonic. Precision cleaning can be executed at the same time. Circulation filtering system and vacuum deaeration system are integrated. Cavities are cluster types. Strong ultrasonic cleaning is possible. According to the selected frequency, selection is possible from very strong ultrasonic cleaning to fine and precise ultrasonic cleaning.

Our standard type ultrasonic deburring and cleaning system. The size varies depending on the basket size. Not only in Japan, but delivery destination is increasing to Korea, China, Thailand, North America, and EU.


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Basic Specification

Burr performance Burr after cutting, pressing, and forming (metals, plastics, and composite materials )
Ultrasonic frequency 25KHz~535KHz For strong deburring and cleaning Objective for general cleaning
50KHz~535KHz For fine and precision deburring and cleaning Electronic components and semiconductors
Cleaning liquid Pure water and city water
* Carbon hydride type solution is S-type (improved explosion resistance)


Basket form (inner dimension) Width 400mm 500mm 600mm
Depth 300mm 360mm 400mm
Height *1 75mm 75mm 75mm
System main body System shape Width (main body only) 850 mm 1050mm 1050mm
Width (including filter and SWBOX) 1046mm 1146mm 1246mm
Depth 1250mm 1310mm 1350mm
Height 1355mm 1425mm 1455mm
Signal tower 1650mm 1650mm 1650mm
Operation height 825mm 825mm 825mm
Ultrasonic tank shape Width 540mm 660mm 750mm
Depth 390mm 450mm 510mm
Height 150mm 150mm 150mm
Liquid depth *2 75mm
Storage tank shape Width 540mm 660mm 750mm
Depth 100mm 125mm 150mm
Height 400mm 400mm 400mm
Liquid volume 45ℓ 60ℓ 80ℓ
Weight Liquid empty 195Kg 215Kg 235kg
Liquid full 240Kg 275Kg 315Kg
Ultrasonic Generator  SIRIUS-SuperMulti 25~535KHz
1φ200V 2400W
1φ200V 3600W
1φ200V 4800W
Transducer  SIRIUS-SuperMulti 25(50)~535KHz
Accessory device Vacuum pump 1φ200V 350W 1φ200V 350W 1φ200V 350W
Vacuum deaeration tower BS R&D-made L type BS R&D-made LL type BS R&D-made 3L type
Circulation pump 3φ200V 370W 3φ200V 370W 3φ200V 540W
Filter 20μ 250mm 20μ 250 mm x 2 pc 20μ 250 mm x 2 pc x 2 sets
Heat exchanger (for cooling) Yes Yes Yes
Power Electricity 3φ200V 5.5KW 3φ200V 8KW 3φ200V 11KW

*1. The basket height can be changed.
*2. Dimensions in (  ) are the height corresponding to 50 to 535 KHz.

* Check the specification in prior. Modifications and development may have been applied.

The cover is changed to the horizontal open/close type in order to increase the operationally.


Difference between conventional deburring and ultrasonic deburring and cleaning technology

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