Theory and result strong and unparalleled ultrasonic cleaning.Precision process molding, the best way of quality control, ultrasonic cleaning and deburring.

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見出し:超音波バリ取り洗浄とは 何か!
Deburring for metals, ceramics, plastics and their composite material parts.
Also for machining or molding parts.
Water usage.
Cleaning and deburring simultaneously.
Ultrasonic deburring and cleaning is for new method for precision parts deburring.
Why don’t you try our ultrasonic deburring and cleaning machine?
It is effective for reducing labor cost, maintain high quality and strengthening competitiveness.
Please see the power of our innovative ultrasonic cleaning and forget about any other ultrasonic cleanings giving you mistaken idea.
Our innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology will completely resolve all cleaning problems. We believe that our applied technology of enhanced ultrasonic cavitation will give you full satisfaction.
Great news for everyone who has problems with deburring! Many customers are now using our Ultrasonic Deburring and Cleaning System in many different countries. Our system is helpful to deburr metal materials, plastic materials, and composite materials. Come and check for yourself! Our Ultrasonic Deburring System provides the completely new precision deburring technology that will help you to march forward through this turbulent time! 
Our products



Ultrasonic Generator


Ultrasonic Transducer Unit


U-sonic Tester

超音波発振器 超音波振動子

Ultrasonic Generator


Compact System: StarBaby


真空型 MARS

Vacuum Type: MARS

多目的 全自動 乾燥機付き

General-purpose Automatic System With Drier

専用機 各種

Special Purpose Systems

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